Juniper Molecule Masks By Emily-Alice


Face Mask – Juniper Molecule Masks by Emily-Alice

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Emily-Alice is a Jewellery Designer/Maker with a love for science. Her jewellery, and now fabric designs are inspired by molecular structures. Check out Emily’s website for a full range of her amazing designs.

Emily-Alice’s bespoke face masks are machine stitched, and include a flap hiding a buttonhole that is perfect for a reusable metal straw. Enjoy a Locksley & Tonic without having to take your mask off.

The pattern on this mask is made up of two molecules that are found in gin, both from the humble Juniper Berry, ?-terpineol, and bornyl acetate. These molecules give that distinctive scent and flavour so familiar to gin lovers.

Medium size will fit most people. Sizes correlate best to the length of your face (nose to chin). Emily wears medium masks in her pictures.

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